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Since 2009 a Small Home grown Trailer has Grown into a Innovative Business based on Quality Developed Rugged Off-road Camping solutions. Family orientated, Geared to deliver an experience and product to satisfy the needs and wants of clients. 

We specialize in Custom built Adventure trailers for the adventurous over lander traveler as well as the family vacation traveler.

A Backbone is not a mass produced product, but we have the ability to scale our operations and output to accommodate multiple builds simultaneously without compromising on the personal touches, ultimately quality delivery.

Our Dedicated team focused on every aspect of our products, ensuring complete satisfaction and long lasting memories, with peace of mind that comes from owning a Backbone.


Caprivi, small compact and affordable

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Pangolin - Almost extinct but revived to deliver optimal space in a compact trailer

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Yumatsi is Hybrid trailer with offroad

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Multi Purpose trailer with options and sizing based on your needs

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Offroad Caravan

Watch this Space, something unique is being born

Generator Trailer

Open Cast Mining Generator trailors for Lighting systems in remote areas

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Michael Rupp & Olivia Francis

Capetown - UK - Germany


Our African Backbone Caprivi Extreme trailer travelled with us over 23,000km on an epic road trip from SA up to Tanzania and back in 2019. It was our home on wheels and was taken to (and survived!!) some of the remotest destinations in Southern Africa. I couldn’t recommend African Backbone enough for their incredible trailer and support throughout the whole experience. TJ and his team are really great guys and want to make sure that everything goes absolutely perfectly for you. As for the trailer itself, you’d be a fool to buy elsewhere as it’s jam-packed with everything you need (and more), designed to take a beating on tough “roads”, and an absolutely bargain compared to others on the market. Do yourself a favour and go with African Backbone as they really made our trip in 2019 such a success!!

Johan & Adri Coetzer

Schweizer Reneke


Ons het die African Backbone waentjie in 2018 gekoop en nog nie een dag spyt nie hulle doen goeie werk en hulle naverkope diens is uitstekend. Die Caprivi Extreme het lekker baie pakplek met groot laaie die krag stelsel, werk baie goed met sonpanele, het n warm water geyser in gesit omdat ons van (wild camping) hou aan die weskus in die Noord Kaap, Groenriviermond en Noup en Kleinzee. Die waentjie sleep lekker lig ons kry gemiddeld 8.5 km per liter as ons sleep met die Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4L wat nie sleg is nie veral omdat als saam vat want daar is nie winkels nie as jy iets vergeet is Springbok die naaste dorp on iets te koop Ons geniet ons vakansies met die Caprivi

Shayne van den Heever



We bought the trailer from African Backbone, and became part of a family..... Stunning products Stunning people Value for money just plain stunning!

Gerhard S.

Yumatsi owner


The Yumatsi trailer has given us the opportunity to continue camping after a double knee replacement

M. Sass

Utility Owner


Utility - multiple uses and so much space, camping, fishing, biking, quad biking and many many more. Awsome stuff thanks Backbone.

  • 180 Hodgson Road, Benoni North AH, Benoni, South Africa